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What are the clearance requirements for SCHOOL volunteers?

School Volunteer-Adults (over 18 and unpaid) who have continuously lived in Pennsylvania for 10+ years: Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Clearance, renewed every five (5) years Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, renewed every five (5) years CPSL Disclosure Statement application for…

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How do I get new or renew my clearances?

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check visit: PA Child Abuse Clearance visit: FBI (fingerprints) appointments can be made online: Please refer to the Protection Process page for further details on obtaining clearances.

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Who needs an FBI clearance?

A FBI clearance check is a requirement for ALL employees regardless if they have lived in PA for 10+ years. A FBI background check is required for all volunteers who have NOT had the status of a resident in PA…

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How long are clearances valid?

Every five (5) years or 60 months. Employees: Clearances must be obtained every 60 months. Any employee with current clearances issued prior to  July 1, 2015, must renew their clearances within 60 months from the date of their oldest clearance…

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