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What are the requirements for youth 14-17 years of age to volunteer?

Minor volunteers (non-paid), ages 14-17, do not need clearances, however must be supervised at all times by youth protection cleared and compliant* adults (21+) using a ratio of 2 adults for every 10 minors (under 18). According to diocesan guidelines, they must be over 21 to teach Faith Formation/Religious Education.  Those students wishing to volunteer can only serve as teaching aids with an eligible catechist as lead teacher.

*To be in compliance per diocese youth protection policies includes completion of the proper paperwork (youth protection application, code of conduct, use of technology and provide a ministry reference); obtain a PA Criminal and PA Child Abuse clearance; sign a CPSL Volunteer Disclosure and complete the following two trainings: Virtus Protecting God’s Children and Mandated Reporting.  All clearances and trainings are valid for five (5) years.   NOTE: FBI clearance would be needed if the youth applicant (14-17 years old) has not been a PA resident for more than 10 years consistently. 

Guidelines for youth volunteers 14-17:

Minor volunteers (non-paid), ages 14-17 may not be alone with children and unsupervised, there are no exceptions.

Minor volunteers (non-paid), ages 14-17 will conduct themselves with appropriate behavior and must review and sign a youth code of conduct with parent/guardian approval and signature.

Required Paperwork for Volunteer Youth 14-17 years of age includes:

  1. Volunteer Application (approved and co-signed by parent/guardian)
  2. CPSL Volunteer Disclosure
  3. Youth Code of Conduct
  4. Ministry Reference Form (completed by a reliable, non-relative)


Required Youth Protection Awareness Training for Volunteer Youth 14-17 years of age:

Virtus Healthy Relationships for Teens/PGCA (www.virtusonlineorg).  Each youth volunteer will need to create an account to view this training, they should choose role: “Volunteer- A Youth ages 14 to 17” and will NOT be prompted to take a national background check.

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